Testimonials — See what Sean's clients are saying...

Sean Jones is a gifted massage therapist. After one of his massages, I’m pain free and have a deep feeling of well being. Sean’s skill draws from extensive and ongoing training, a vast knowledge of how the body works, and powerful intuition. He works with, not on, his clients, sensing what their body needs to achieve relaxation and peacefulness. The work is never about him and his success, but about what his client needs. Sean has an amazing skill and dedication to helping others. He’s exceptionally committed to increasing wellness in the world
— CRusso (Philadelphia)
Sean has mastered the skill of massage. Just his presence brings peace over me. He has helped me to achieve a better sense of well being. I recently had a back injury and when I went to him, he took all the pain away. He taught me how to do deep breathing and relaxing techniques that I can do in my own home. He is an amazing massage therapist and spiritual healer. Keep up the good work and may god bless you to the fullest.
— Becky Fuqua, RN
I have a busy work load that takes a tremendous toll on my body. To keep my mind body a spirit it great shape I seek out the care and bodywork of Sean Jones. His is a dedicated professional who has perfected his craft and this results are always amazing. I feel refreshed and recharged after every session. I trust him to help my body run at peak performance and he always seems to perceive exactly what I need to heal. I feel blessed to have such a talented authentic wise person on my care team. I personally recommend Sean to anyone who values top notch quality care. As a professional massage therapist I take my own care very seriously. I have been truly impressed by Sean’s approaches to the body and feel that he is an asset to the field.
— Lareina
Sean It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Expo. The healing you performed for me was
amazing. I feel blessed to have found you. The negative energies that I have absorbed in my past few years were so heavy. After my session with you, I now feel a weight sincerely has been lifted and removed from my body. Truly feel blessed having met you and had that experience. Also, the attentiveness to my concerns was truly a gift. I now consider you to be one of my Angels. Thank you so much! In sincere appreciation.
— Barbara
Sean’s massages are more than that; they are healing, transformative. Sean has a true gift, a talent for Reiki. I literally had an out-of-body experience on the massage table! Amazing!
— Stacey Appelstein
I was fortunate enough to have a massage with Sean on multiple occasions – he is certainly one of the best Massage Therapist I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many). What sets him apart is his incorporation throughout the massage of Qigong and related techniques that he’s learned. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent massage.
— Chad B., Esq.
I’ve asked Sean several times to provide his healing talents at the local Reiki Healing Circle in Miami, Florida. Without a doubt he has been an integral part of the circles that he has participated in. He knows how to be a channel for the light. Thank you Sean!
— Jason Weeks, Reiki Master
It wasn’t the first time that I’ve laid on a massage table with my shoulders somewhere around my ears as a result of life’s daily stressors...but it was the first time I’ve left a 60 minute massage with a wonderful combination of exhiliration and relaxation all rolled into one. Sean’s massage techniques are anything but “cookie cutter”....he tailors each massage experience not only to heal the physical body, but also to “feed” the spirit. Every session with Sean leaves me feeling energized and full of peace. He truly has a gift.
— Bianca Saracini
I sincerely hope that everyone you know READS this post, Sean Jones! When I met you years ago you were hard to look at you shined so bright. When I became your massage client, I knew immediately why. Your hands were guided to the exact places that needed attention. Your intuition was so powerful. NOW that I have become your client once again I can see that you are so far above that place you were. Your intuition is even more clear. But something else has been going on with you that boggles the mind. I have never tried or understood Reiki until you explained it to me so that I could see. And then I tried it. And it has literally changed my life seemingly overnight. IT IS SIMPLE. IT IS THE TRUTH. Once a skeptic, I am now not one. I believe and I trust. And it’s all because of you.
To everyone who knows Sean, I will share just a little. I have had a LOT of physical injuries and surgeries that plague me with pain every day. I have had a LOT of emotional trauma that began as early as age 3. While no one can see those scars, they exist inside and are deep. I have tried for many years to overcome them with therapy, medication and self-medicating to no avail. I am a well-educated and traveled woman with no dedication to one faith, but open to all possibilities. I have seen Sean only twice for Reiki. I am a convert. A UNIVERSAL TRUTH indeed exists. I have experienced it with Sean and alone after our sessions. My entire being is healing and aware and in a place of understanding and acceptance. While many may say this is “crazy”, to them I say “It can’t be if it helps me”. Simple as that. NOT giving myself every change to heal and move on is crazy.
So Sean, I thank you with all my heart, body and soul for your GIFT OF TRUTH. I thank you for the Angel messages and guidance. For helping me open my mind and heart to let go of the dark and welcome the LIGHT.
— Lisa
Sean Jones is a gifted massage therapist and healer. After his sessions, I was freed up from pain in my wrist from an old sport injury and had a deep feeling of peace with the healing work he incorporates . Sean’s skills draw from extensive and ongoing training, vast knowledge of how the body works, and powerful intuition. He asks questions, listens well, and shares what he knows so i could participate in the healing. He is also concerned about you as a person and not just his ‘job’. I would highly recommend anyone to Sean for his services. Being a Registered Nurse I am happy to see other people who are also caring and committed to there clients. I am grateful to Sean for his great skill and generous spirit. He is totally committed to increasing wellness in the world. I am sure his work will improve healing and enlightenment with whomever he works on!
— Faith, BSN
At time of birth we all enter this world with a given gift to best contribute in our growth and the growth of the ones who cross our path on this earthly journey. Only few of us are likely to unveil and unfold and manifest to the fullest such given gift. Definitely Sean is one of them. I have been a true believer of his work for over 10years . Our body is our main vehicle and it will be there for you to take you here and there and everywhere if we only treat it with respect and take care of it . Sean is one of my key people that has contributed in maintaining my body in optimum condition with his knowledge and the ability to deliver not just a precise personalized massage but his spiritual healing approach. Time to time when i ‘d-rail ‘ from my scheduled appointments my body just goes out of wack. To me a massage it is not just a luxurious trivial appointment, but a necessity , just like we need oxigen to breathe, our body needs to be cared ,balanced ,aligned and at times even healed . Sean you are blessed and consider yourself lucky for such a given gift as i consider myself lucky as well for having you in my life. Thank you for your true caring. Peace.
— Alberto